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11:28 a.m. x 2007-10-26

jimmy heard the voicemail i left him last week, which was essentially the verbal expression of the entry i wrote that day. i heard it yesterday immediately after finally communicating with me. so i thought he was going to re-sass, but he understood how upset i was. we talked for a little bit during the day, then a little bit at night. being heard feels good.

overall i've been feeling steadily much better since the night before last. AND LAST NIGHT WAS A LAW & ORDER MARATHON. SVU & CI. which was pretty cool. i'm so-so on CI, but they were good episodes, and the SVU episodes i caught involved my favorite disgusting and repellant topics. then i watched "dead ringers". it was a night to be curled up in bed. i'm glad i did that for myself. i would've been listening to "white chalk" the entire time if i could get it on my ipod. i will do that the next time i'm home.

note to self: if one plans on studying abroad, one must heavily consult this bastard of an advisor prior to beginning the admissions process. she's a fucking nightmare. have 2.5 GPA so there is no issue over contesting that. let her have the satisfaction of being consulted throughout the process so one can give her proper hell if something goes wrong. DON'T GIVE HER AN INCH! one plans on getting over there anyway, with or without the blessing of school.

i definitely need the aid of an instructional CD with regards to the russian. my wee phrasebook is great, but i want to make sure i sound right. the cyrillic letters' resemblences to the plain old alphabet's letters are disorienting when i try and say stuff aloud. but it's a nice hobby. i'm enjoying my time with russian. kind of ambivalent about my impending time with french. i didn't even take the french test and i'm in 102. i think i do remember more from it than what i give myself credit for, but nothing useful. i remember "chapeau". "il neige". "le sous-marin jaune." "dans la ville ou je nais". i'm shocked i don't remember how to ask to go to the bathroom, because that was most of what i said aloud in that class. i also remember tweak's passion for my breasts. classic times.

i look foreword to checking this site every day so much. SO MUCH.

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