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8:15 p.m. x 2007-10-28

very worn out. very worn out.

i'm glad i slept in today. it was a little late but i needed the rest. i took a walk around and photographed different things downtown, like part of the freemasonry complex and the library, which is named after someone named james brown (hmmmmmmm). the crowning achievement was this little gentleman.

i also walked over to where i'd seen a huge mural on the side of a restaurant, and when i walked back into the parking lot i discovered a cafe that is opened normal hours. every day. unlike 98% of the rest of downtown. YESSSSSS. so i'll be heading there sometime, with money. and happiness.

aliya called me when i stopped in front of my favorite building, and i talked to her on the way back to the room. she is the greatest. as soon as chai cider was made and i was settled, a fury of knocks suddenly came at the door, and i discovered the trick or treaters were coming today. right then. luckily i was all set, and the administering of the candy was a success.

and jessicka of jack off jill/scarling. got married! i'm very happy. she is one of my favorite artists. and another, katie jane garside, is producing another epic of awesome, and i am plotting to extract the USD equivalent of 29.00 out of my savings for it (which is more money than i want to think about spending right now, so i'm not going to think about it too much or use a currency converter).

i'm watching "session 9". i can't believe it took me three repeat viewings to realize peter mullen has an accent. gah.

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