1500 years

5:55 p.m. x 2007-11-03

jimmy called me and apologized for how brutally he offended me the other day. i feel better that he said he's sorry, but i'm still getting over it. i've been furious nonstop for the past several days, and i'm quite exhausted.

this morning i went to the open-normal-hours cafe and it was amazing. all the furniture is mismatched, it's mostly overstuffed chairs and sofas, there's a designated sewing area! there are bongos! if you want to play bongos! it's a music venue every sunday. that's so badass. so it is now my new favorite place. i got coffee there and read pale fire. i didn't know there'd be books there, so i hope they noticed i'd brought my own. i went for sushi afterwards, and now i have my favorite tea. things are all right.

on the agenda for tonight is WRITING UP A STORM as well as accumulating a few pictures for the wall. i intend to put a few up of my favorite works of art. i think i am going to do that in the library, because i'm running out of my own ink. i'd also like to get a hold of some rhinestones and a fake skull and replicate this madness.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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