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6:34 p.m. x 2007-11-12

ugh. i'm almost all sorted out with scheduling.

so the way it works around here is...i have to take two full semesters of gym. they work on half semesters, the first seven weeks and the second seven weeks, and they recommend you hit up two at a time to save you stress. so i'm all set with creative writing (!!!) and french 102 (that'll really be a spectacle). i'm also trying my hardest for NARRATIVE SCREENWRITING (MOTHERFUCKER!) and a mideival history well as what i guess is self-defense for the first half of the semester and fencing for the latter half. it's going to be madness.

creative writing and screenwriting at once is going to fuck me in a special way all by itself, but i'll like it. in a perverse, perverse way.

last night really fucking sucked. a friend of mine did a really shitty thing to me. it's a complicated thing to explain because it was really something she did to herself, and she showed me...but did not for any reason need to show me...and it really messed me up. i was crying most of the night about. i've cried every night lately and i'm really looking foreword to knocking that shit off.

i am constantly so PISSED OFF.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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