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11:43 a.m. x 2007-11-16

i need a hug so badly. i know i'm going to get one. i asked my mom to come out this weekend but i don't think she's going to. i also invited amanda to come see the room if she wants, but i understand completely if after travelling from her school to back home she doesn't feel like making the trip.

clare sent me a picture txt of brad neely's bearstronauts in honor of realizing my phone can recieve pictures. i'm still in disbelief about this revelation. and i love bearstronauts. also there is a reath in the academic center lobby with stuffed baby seals stapled to it. it's the craziest thing, and i'm going to get a picture of it later.

i'm doing all right right now but this is a very difficult thing. my stomach hurts and i have an appetite but after eating it really wacks out. i just had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and an apple and i feel like i'm going to throw up because my stomach is cartwheeling. it'll take some getting used to.

he's blaming me and being upset but he's the one that can fix it but won't. oh well.

i'm going to be all right.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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