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9:13 p.m. x 2007-11-24

i miraculously have most of my christmas shopping (that's for myself...ugh) done, and i've got pretty much exactly what i needed. now i'm working on stuff for others. and loving the fuck out of the lost "shining" score.

today i bought new nightgowns and mittens and a book on alexandra romanov, a book on goth culture put out by duke university press, and FINALLY FINALLY "FARGO". i'm at last going to own "fargo". i also got the three films by teshigihara box set and the orphic trilogy, two box sets i reeeaally really wanted. AND MERE FUCKING ANARCHY! a whole bunch of cool stuff.

i got two blankets to take back to school with me, since i'm freezing. and some pomegranate juice. today was odd, but apparently, somewhere out there, kara's hair is now pink, and i really can't wait to see it.

55 days until cloverfield, gentlemen.

i'm doing all right now. things are going to be cool. i ran into ernie yesterday with kara and said hi, and he was happy to see me, which was a relief. we talked for a little bit. he expressed his discontent with jimmy's attitude and i foreworded my good wishes to his girlfriend, who was in a car accident a little bit ago. i don't want to make trouble or anything, i wish things could be the way they were but they are not and it has nothing to do with me. i can't control it so i can't be concerned with it.

" AP»" is how you'd spell my name in russian! reading about the russian alphabet last night reminded me a lot of learning japanese, which was a very long time ago. russian and japanese are not terribly similar, but it was almost deja vu-ish. i'd like to take up japanese again, but one thing at a time. i've got french to worry about in january aaaaaagh.

french 102, intro to film (but screenwriting next fall), medieval history and creative writing next semester! as well as self defence in january and february and fencing in march and april. no gym on fridays and NOTHING IN MAY! my birthday lands on a tuesday this year but goes unaffected by it thanks to school ending in april!!!

i've recently come into the possession (via my sister) of an ipod video. i'm wondering if i should sell it or make decent use of it. i bet there's a kid out there who'd like an ipod, and i'd certainly like some cash. i'll have to see. logic would dictate i sell my old 20 gig guy and keep this new video-playing 30 gig one, but the old guy and i have too many memories. and it has my name on the back.

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