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7:57 p.m. x 2007-11-27

i'm meeting a guy in a little while. it's just meeting a guy but it could also be Meeting a Guy. we were talking last night, he IM'd me and we talked for a few minutes and then he signed off, then signed back on a few minutes later and asked if i wanted to hang out tomorrow (tonight) and we had a real, good, long exchange and it was really cool. he just IM'd me to tell me he might be late, but he'll let me know when he's ready. i'm a little bit jumpy, but mostly just because i hate meeting people places (not even going into how i don't like waiting around, but i much much prefer to be told he'll be late then waiting out in the cold). i'm going to meet him outside his building cause it's just a little walk. i am excited to have more friends, and i miss guy friends very much. this will be good.

it's always nerve-wracking meeting someone and the first thing to come up is your mutual "weird" status. i'm pretty safe in my assumption that i'm a little nuttier than the average person thinks they are, but am always self-concious of out-weirding the weird kids. but this looks good. i'm actually bringing him a copy of my short story. i never do stuff like that. but he says his writing is disturbing. we'll see just how disturbing! huha!

i should be finishing my bio paper before he alerts me that he's ready, but i think instead i may peek at aliya's FINISHED NOVEL. ooooh yes.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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