2:55 p.m. x 2007-12-02

oh man, well. even more weird,

last night jeremy frantically IM'd me and we talked, and then i went to bed but he called and asked if he could come over and talk to me in person. he came over and would not look me in the eye. i told him he'd better get over his shit if he's going to ever be involved with the army, to which he retorted "this is scarier than war!"

he proceeded to tell me his life story and how much he cried since speaking to me earlier yesterday. he told me of the turbulent relationships and personal circumstances he's engaged in since the sixth grade and i nodded along in mild silence, offering the occasional sigh or cruel laughter soundbyte. i did not really say much except to tell him i was hurt and i am not a matter of decision making. if he likes other people, than whatever. that's a shame. i am not other people and i can't compare to them.

and then when he left he was going to cry again. he said "give me time" and i laughed at him. no such thing.

anyway, i am feeling much better now that i have gotten my point across (and made him cry several times...oh hell, i'm mostly happy cause of that). whatever happens now, whatever. i have won. that other girl of his is nothing compared to me. i know that about myself and that's what matters.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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