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4:11 a.m. x 2007-12-19

i haven't written in days. i've barely been home since i've been home. i have to get to bed soon now. my head is spinning. so much stuff's going on.

good stuff, though, by and large.

i missed amanda and lexi and akasha sooooo much. today kara and jimmy and i watched "the big lebowski". kara and i made spanakopita before he came over. we all drank sarsaparilla.

i don't know how i managed to get a C in personality theory after all those Bs i got on every single assigment but guess what? I FUCKING PASSED EVERYTHING AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS. i wound up, totally inexfuckingsplicably with a B in bio. you heard me. a B in the class i gave a fraction of a shit about...it's because i got a 100% on the term paper...yessssss!

i have presents for kara, akasha and lexi. i need presents for jimmy, clare, amanda and melody.

i need to sleep.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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