while doubling entendres

9:05 p.m. x 2007-12-24

i found "lonesome organist", but "mein herr" continues to elude me.

i dreaded all day rolling out of bed and getting up and getting dressed. i wanted to just stay and chill out in bed all day and read watchmen. I FINALLY HAVE WATCHMEN and i've been quietly hanging out with it, ulysses and the collected works of rimbaud for the past few days. also, notably, very also - disciple & master, wherein joel-peter witkin discusses the influence of various photographs and photographers on his work.

also writing. i have been doing lots of writing. /thinking about future plans. being excited. i went for a bang trim and realized how freakishly long my hair hand gotten (nearly to the middle of my back when wet) and the stylist progressively, throughout my stay in her chair, took inch after inch off until it just sits on my shoulders now. any more and i'll probably look like a douchebag.

oh BY THE WAY i didn't even say anything about this did i? i passed all my classes this semester. two Cs and two Bs. one of the Bs was in bio (an eternal WTF). the other was in music. you may conclude, but i'll state it anyway: that means i got Cs in my major courses. sexcellent. i'm not even taking a psych next semester, so i'm really going to be kicking my ass. i don't care about being perfect but i'd like to look competant. goal: get an A in psych. go on, do it. you can.

i need to start walking more.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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