12:52 a.m. x 2007-12-30

first: went to lexi's, spent the night with she and kashgar eating ramen and intimating secrets. lexi dyed her hair BRIGHT ASS PINK. it was spectacular. we departed early in the morning to intercept amanda as she arrived home, piled into chloe (lexi's car) and motored down to baltimore.

ride down was smooth, arrival friendly. we met clare up at a shopping center full of sexy restaurants and ate burritos. at the townhouse of clare we all changed and chilled, then clare's mom got us lost in the ghetto riding around downtown baltimore in search of ram's head live! we went to four different places looking for a toilet after we found it, and found there was no toilet there.

waited in line behind two goth girls coloring in coloring books. huge line filtered in behind us, brigade filtered in from the front. juggling, general ball manipulation, nurses with red velvet cupcakes and professional hoola hooping chilled out beside us. we were in the best place in line to be chillin.

moment of awesome: right across from us was a table full of pizza. i intently watched the filterers reeding into different places down the hall and this small figure in a snappy coat ducked right into the door and my face went white. another figure craned out of the line into the pizza and my stomach dropped. i squeezed lexi's arm off and couldn't speak. brian viglione has an ass that robs me of words, and i saw it up close. clare saw and called at him and he turned and gave us all a hearty "YEAH!". best moment of my life.

into the venue, we didn't wait long and then the first opening act went on, a couple dressed as furries lipsynching their asses off to "total eclipse of the heart", a grim reaper on stilts stripping to "just got paid", and MEOW MEOW, badassing it up. when the dresed dolls took the stage they were wearing masks and brian sang "in the flesh", and i was shocked i didn't cry. then they tore the masks off and rammed into "girl anachronism" and i lost my shit. karipuddle ensued.

it was breathtaking. four hours to get back the next morning cause we got lost. way lost. melody visited then today and we watched "funny games". NEW FAVORITE FILM EVER.

horrific cold. horrific cold. but what an incredible time!!!!!!

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