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11:53 p.m. x 2008-01-01

the busy-ness never ceases! HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2008, i have high expectations for you. i celebrated new years with kara, duff and jimmy. we played clue and apples to apples until 5 a.m.. the day prior i had clare over and we watched "funny games", "blood of a poet" and "fantastic planet". i've watched "funny games" roughly five times since christmas. it's bumped its way into my top five, which, hence, is currently: "mulholland drive", "eyes wide shut", "dead ringers", "funny games" and "the double life of veronique".

i just spent the past three hours on the phone to aliya, amber and jimmy. tomorrow i'm helping jimmy arrange things at school and job hunt, and aliya may be visiting one of these days before we both head back (me to school, her to colorado, same day). amber was crying. she still hates olympia and it's been a year.

i'm going to go chill out now. curl up in my room and write and sleep. i've not allowed myself any time at all to write and i have to do that. jimmy's going to give me piano lessons this summer ahhh!!!

(a return to coherence is on the horizon, i hate writing mish-mash entries...)

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