scotty liked all of the books that i recommended, even if he didn't i wouldn't be offended

8:48 p.m. x 2008-01-05

tomorrow i go back to school. i have had the most incredible vacation...i'm feeling good about more or less everything...much better than i was. i've pretty much stopped communicating with jeremy. he IM'd me last night saying "why aren't you ever here when i need to talk to you?" what an asshat. ugh.

last night i had amanda and lexi over, so we watched "funny games" and had chips and cheese salsa and the amazing mozart chocolates that aliya brought me! aliya's visit was fantastic. we chilled and also watched "funny games" (everyone must see it) and talked about our writing. OH and yesterday i also saw "juno". "juno" is absolutely wonderful. i'm excited to get it when it comes out, and i'd love to see it again in a theatre.

incoming: french II, film appreciation, creative writing and some class on the middle ages. i forget if i have fencing or self-defense first. hopefully this cold that i've had that's been making me feel beyond awful for the past couple of days (physically) wears all the way down by monday. i am looking foreword to sleeping up a storm at school...and in two weeks...i'm coming back to see "cloverfield" with lexi! AHHH!!!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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