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12:33 a.m. x 2008-01-10

my film class is a revelation. i can minor in it. i'm doing it. I'M DOING IT!

my goldmembership's gone AWOL again. i'll have to wait for the funds to renew it.

today i relaxed after creative writing and french and drew up a storm. i've been working on my writing but it's really time i get to studying. i've got FILM TOMORROW! YES!!!

today was jimmy's first day of school, i'm so so so so so so so proud of him. i'm home again in two weeks for "cloverfield" with lexi, and i want to do something special to celebrate. maybe make some puppodums. i can't stop watching these things puff up in the microwave.

"anaconda" is on behind me. that's karma kicking me in the shins for having "contempt" on with the commentary track all afternoon. point taken, karma. and oh man! melody's high school endured a stabbing today. an eighth grader who did not succeed in killing anyone but brought a shitton of ammo and managed to harm three students. what a world. eighth graders.

i'm so proud of clare. every hope i've ever had for her has come true. i'm excited she'll be back on this coast next fall.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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