oh, and she inexplicably mails me a cactus every valentine's day. and i'm like, "thanks a heap coyote ugly. this cactus-gram stings even worse than your abandonment."

12:49 a.m. x 2008-01-11

i've got a roaring headache. it began when the girl i met today, brittany, sprayed cologne at me, but if that's the reason i'm surprised. usually scents don't have that effect on me.

or, wait a second. it's raining. derrr, that'd be why. blasted barometric pressure, always foiling my plans. i took a two hour nap with "psycho" playing earlier. i like sleeping, particularly napping, with movies on, the way a lot of people like to with music...if i happen to wake up and see a character i'm familiar with, it's comforting...or hear dialogue and music i know really well while i'm falling asleep...my very favorite nap-movies are "rosemary's baby" and "the shining". my least favorite is "sleeper", because the menu on the dvd is the scariest shit to suddenly wake up to. rag time is the stuff of nightmares.

i've finished my french homework (it's starting to come back to me...sorta...) and my haiku for creative writing. a third draft, as the teacher specified. i'm glad i'm taking this class now that i've written a lot in the past year, i'm ready for the disciplinary aspect and to stretch myself with it.

i have only had dinner once in the cafeteria because i'm so tired. after class i want to have some puppodums and seltzer water and sleep, wake up and have paneer and homework and sleep. typically i'd be way more on my own ass about exercising and getting out and being active but fuck that for now. i have earned my rest.

i'm so happy with...everything. ahhhhh.

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