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8:47 p.m. x 2008-01-11

friday evening and all the laundry's put away. i am getting down to thing #9003 that i've been meaning to do, which is downloading all the extraneous dresden dolls tracks that aren't on the studio albums. what a miserable fan i am. i only had "karma police" and "i will follow you into the dark" in terms of extraneousness. now i'm on my way. i want to make amanda an album of the unreleased stuff, since she expressed interest.

i'm in such a positive place with myself right now. i hope it's "right now", that is, and not just "today"...but today has been a good day. recieved competant, constructive criticism on my shitty haiku, spoke some french with other people who can't speak much french, and watched "new nightmare" with melody. so riotous was our laughter that a kid poked his head into the viewing room and laughed with us. we loudly commented about his attractiveness once we thought he left, but as it turns out he was sitting right outside the whole time. the "why" of that matter remains unanswered, but melody scored some points going back up to grab the remote and making some badass small talk. that's my girl.

roommate urged me to go to the graffiti party tonight, but what she doesn't know is that whenever she leaves, i spend my alone time dancing. secretly, that is my preferred form of exercise. there's several factors that attribute to this being a little-known fact, amongst them: a) the least of it is, i'm uncoordinated and dizzy enough, and in staid, everyday movements of sitting and standing i knock shit over and run into furniture with alarming frequency - so you can only imagine, b) my moves are nothing to brag about, and c) the music has to be loud to drown out the sound of my cranky inhibitions.

today's dance hits: "i want a pony" by candypants and "guitar hero" by amanda palmer.

speaking of which, yesterday i met a girl named brittany. she's eerily similar to my old friend named brittany, which didn't even dawn on me until i wrote her name out. she took me to her room to show me the ways of guitar hero and sip her disaronno. i can understand the appeal, but i remain an unfan of alcohol. it really drives me bonkers how today every conversation i randomly caught snatches of were about drinking. and yesterday. and wednesday. etc. i'd like to have people around who do interesting things.

ON THAT NOTE! ON THAT GORGEOUS GORGEOUS NOTE! melody and i are living together next year, in either a suite of two singles sharing a bathroom or an apartment. if we want an apartment we have to find a third, the hunt for which will prove interesting.

for now, though, i'm pretty happy in here. i love my little room. my little half of my little room in the far top corner of a pretty building. with a wood-lined glass telephone booth in the lobby. with my self-made posters. dust problem. art supplies.

closing note: i saw the scariest person on earth wednesday afternoon. i'm sure he's got some sort of bone problem and i wasn't staring at him, but he stepped into my view and i wasn't expecting it, and i yelped like the dickens. his skin was oldy and had a crypt-keeper sort of texture, grey hair pulled into a pony tail, and his face was very very thin and his mouth stuck in a long "O". a la munch's "scream". you see it? you freaked? poor guy. i'm sure he's a good guy. but GAAAGH.

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