the self-righting object

12:00 p.m. x 2008-01-21

yesterday i had such a bad headache i cried and couldn't do my work. i had a mountain of homework and i had to take a nap before doing any of it, so i still didn't get everything done and got to really sleep until two. again. not what i was after. i'd like to sleep normal lengths for normal hours.

the agenda today: appointment, hairdye, dinner, reading, sleep. for real. some writing in there too. i would say a walk but the conditions outside are soul-sucking. i'll stick around indoors today with "raspberry kamikaze".

"CLOVERFIELD" WAS ALL I'D HOPED IT'D BE. i'm very very pleased. i think that was a fantastic concept for a film and, personally, i do not think the shaky cam was so bad. neither would the critics if they checked out my poor attempts at handheld filming. i thought this dude was incredibly steady. i'm not a monster/action aficionado, but i thought it was a very original approach. i liked it. i'm buying the dvd. i cried at the end. i saw a "dark knight" poster.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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