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7:41 p.m. x 2008-01-27

i've almost got a new layout ready. it's coming, it's coming, it's coming. last night i finally listened to the album i got for christmas, that i bought, much like i did the dresden dolls' first album two years ago, in a bid to expand my musical horizons at all costs...beirut's "the flying club cup"...and i totally fucking love it. oh yeah. i had it on last night while i wrote and this afternoon while i cleaned.

things have been very calm today. i walked to starbucks for breakfast (have giftcard, will travel) but there were no seats, so i trekked back to my room to have my coffee and muffin. after that i did my laundry and talked to MY OLD PAL JON-PAUL! it's been over a year since we last chatted, so that was great. then i came back to the room to clean the floor and rearrange the books, and in the process became so filthy i had to vaccuum myself at the end. ugh.

i may have finally succeeded in putting jeremy off me. hehehe.

i refuse to let anything get me down right now. i'm on a mission to get shit done, get decent grades, accomplish something artistically redeemable this semester...and work my ass off over the summer...and get a picture into this amazing frame i got for christmas (note: did this just now - amanda, akasha, clare & lexi in front of the double T diner, looking absolutely beautiful before the dresden dolls concert).

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