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9:24 p.m. x 2008-02-03

jimmy's cousin passed the other night due to a moronic stunt by her boyfriend. i'm going home this coming weekend to hang out with him. that's totally, totally ridiculous.


in other news, school's souring a bit...but you know, i really think i could be done by next spring. i need: another set of gyms, another writing intensive class, another lab science, a math and two or three psychs. TOTALLY DOABLE. i'll have to get rid of that film minor idea in order to do it. i'll see how i feel.

my diet's going well so far. today i took a walk i'd been meaning to take down the extremely long road that runs along the one side of campus and clear into another town. i walked to the edge of the other town. and back. it was cool, and i think it'll be even cooler the next time i do it, when i'm wearing sneaker and not boots. gyah.

there is a gorgeous, gorgeous article on the jt leroy blog from literary kicks. i direct you there to read it because of the brilliant comment "you know levi, i am beginning to think that lemony snicket is not a real name". oh, fiction writers.

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