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8:55 p.m. x 2008-02-09

my haircut certainly could have been worse today. my dad wound up taking me to an even dumpier place than i usually go when i don't have the foresight to schedule an appointment months in the future and need to quickly get something lobbed off or realigned. there was a girl i went to school with, with whom i have mutual friends, with whom i had an encounter that wasn't quite as awkward as it had the potential to be. the girl who cut my hair knew me vicariously/knew of me and asked me mostly about how i knew certain people and not so much about my hair. i don't like aspects of it, but my hair seems to be growing at a phenomenal rate, and the things about it that i'm not big on will blend into a single muted mass of hair pretty shortly. really i think all i want is to not have such straight hair anymore. when i get back to school i'm going to make it a point again always to curl it, in the evening before bed or in the morning. anything.

anything is better than watching "the L word" with my dad and my brother. "awkward" fails completely to capture what an experience that was.

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