i need a fix cause i'm goin down, down to the bits that i left uptown

10:00 p.m. x 2008-02-16

so there's still some awkward things about this layout, but i'll get them worked out in a few days. i like it though.

my roommate was here all day today. i have no idea why. she almost stayed all night last night. i think it may be something with the amount of work she's let back up by staying at her boyfriend's every night this past week...but whatever the reason, it isn't cool. when she is here she either plays the "sweeney todd" soundtrack or the "across the universe" soundtrack, both of which i can't stand, and she plays them repeatedly. if only i'd known with enough notice prior to christmas that she'd be here all year...i would've gotten her headphones.

i HAVE TO GET MY ASS TO ADMISSIONS/HOUSING and have a talk with the housing directress and convince her by any means at my disposal that i cannot have a roommate next year. or any year i'm here from now on. if i can be by myself, away from atrocious beatles covers and shrill cockney showtunes, the quality of my work will skyrocket.

and on the subject of noise: i am going to head down to the communications building after i get back from spring break and see about DJing a radio show next semester, because my voice is amazing (oh yes it is!) and i have enough novelty music to easily fuel a few hours of "wtf is this" every week. it will get me out of this room. it will be interesting.

i finally have food in my room again (spicy puppodums) but my being aches for a scone. tomorrow i'm heading to starbucks to get a gigantic iced passion tea and a badass scone and read rilke. the notebooks of malte laurids brigge, as recommended by aliyaaa, is really owning so far.

right now i should be: revising my five images poem at least, if not revising the ENTIRE REST of my portfolio, writing a four page paper on two significant sequences in "the third man", reading this book on charlemagne, doing my fucking ginormous annotated bibliography.

charlemagne it is. anything i can potentially fall asleep while doing is the automatic win.

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