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9:18 p.m. x 2008-02-17

last night was surrrrrrreal.

i woke up and went to get coffee and a breakfast pasterie (chocolate chip banana coffee cake, since i was anticipating a rough day of work ahead of me), grabbed sushi and some tea and headed back to my room where i ate the sushi as i read another book about motherfucking charlemagne for history class and did some minor poking around the library via the internet (to tired to walk the few yards it takes to physically get there) for my annotated bibliography.

threw some bunuel on, chilled. talked to jimmy and had a spontaneous kyle-visit, but had to turn him away because REALLY I HAD WORK TO DO.

did work, really made the valiant attempt, then took a brief reprieve to write a little in my short fiction piece that i've neglected the hell out of because of ALL THIS WORK...and then the phone rings and it's jeremy. he asked if he could come up and talk and i said yes, and we talked about what happened (everything that happened, including his asking that other girl out, the abuse of my confidence, failure to plans he'd incessantly try to make with me...) and it was really good. it was a good talk. we had fun and laughed about stuff, the same stuff that we used to, and he said some things that were really touching about the impact i've had on him (awe). all of which is just...yeah...i know. but he didn't try anything. he made it clear enough he wanted to, how regretful he was and how much he likes me, but he didn't make me feel uncomfortable and we had a fun time. we made magnetic poetry and discussed the zodiac.

jimmy called upset but apologized, which was good. things are good. i feel good and placid about everything. except this mountain of homework i have put off even further yet by writing this entry. aaaggghhh.

final note: i had no idea our school's motto was greek for "truth". really it just never crossed my mind to translate it. at least we aren't completely ripping harvard off and veritasing it. smart to stick to the greek.

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