10:21 p.m. x 2008-02-25

DIABLO CODY WON THE MOTHERFUCKING OSCAR! i cried an assload watching the ceremony. i haven't really cried over much recently, but i let myself lose it over the oscars. i pretty much cried at every win, particularly diablo's and the kids that made "once", since i saw that in film class.

this computer (my homeboy, the circa '96 desktop, the beige beast, etc.) is showing his age. something's gotta be done. and i've gotta see "there will be blood". like, tomorrow. i didn't see it today because jimmy is flu'd and my mom bought me the godfather (novel!) and "THE SHINING" DVD. at long last. that was sold out six ways to sunday over the holidays.

she also bought herself the "juno" soundtrack, which is now gracing my ipod, along with all the dresden dolls bootlegs and amanda palmer proto-material i've had on the laptop for months. and beirut.

i'm going to go enjoy "the shining" with its commentary track by the inventor of the steadicam and some other badass, have some marshmallow flavored coffee, write, and see if jimmy's stopping by, flu or no flu.

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