and in a year a year or so, this will slip into the sea

3:07 a.m. x 2008-03-05

currently listening to: "nantes" by beirut

i really am currently listening to that, right now. because that's the freedom that such a roommateless night affords me. i just came back from watching "jesus camp" and a couple "it's always sunny in philadelphia" episodes with jeremy. my back hurts a little. i'm still working on assignments. i have to work on a history assignment ALL DAY tomorrow after class, and on my brief break between class and gym i have to hike on over to the bus station to make certain i can take the bus i want home friday with the ticket i couldn't use the other week because of the SNOOOW.

it's been raining all day. nonstop. i'm impressed. i'm thinking of turning on "the godfather". i don't want class tomorrow. i miss writing for myself. i can't. i even have to work on weekends. i should've done work over my break. this is too much. i miss reading recreationally and having hours a day to devote to writing my own material. not this 3rd person objective exercise about a barn seen from the point of view of a young man who's suffered a loss. can't mention the loss. annoyed.

back to work! BACK TO WORK!!!

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