9:25 p.m. x 2008-03-09

jimmy's birthday weekend was breathtaking. kara and i watched the horrendous "wicker man" remake and the markedly less horrendous "american beauty", then she and jimmy and andrew and i rolled out to meet ammerman (who graduated with me) for ice cream, where i got down with some cotton candy ice cream for the last time until my diet's done its job. i'm currently back to the prunes/dates/lettuce side of things. we then disembarked on a two-mall spree of not-finding-what-we-need. i did get jimmy his present: a worn-looking tshirt that says "optimus prime for president", featuring the bot himself. lexi was secured and dinner was had at TGI fridays. i reveled in salmon and that weird floating disco astronaut corner-decor and duffspotted in the parking lot. he saw me run towards him and screamed "WHO IS THAT CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER?!". he came with us to jimmy's and we all rocked out on rock band under the name of chemical toilet (a la), featuring renee on bass (lexi), k zizzle on guitar (kara), beatbox on drums (jimmy) and dolores on vocals (moi). we hail from boston and tear up the house with our weezer/yeah yeah yeahs impressions.

jimmy, duff and i wound up at my house watching "the godfather" until 6, talking about bands and how duff is pursuing a fashion design minor. i love it. i'd missed him a whole lot. after he departed jimmy and i had a fantastic talk stretched out weird ways on my couch, and i still managed to stay up til nine getting my music off the desktop and on here (laptop)...


now writing homework, french homework, BEDBEDBEDBEDBED.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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