if i only knew what you are into

11:07 p.m. x 2008-03-23

currently listening: "if you're into it" by flight of the conchords

weekend was spectaculaaar.

i played a mess of rock band (vox only, my character dolores finally earned enough money for a cool shirt) and hung out with jimmy, clare, kara and lexi and experienced a brief flash of akasha and elisa. i had sashimi and fried green ice cream, watched "the mighty ducks", purchased a BURGER PHONE for lexi, picked out my prom dress (lexi invited me to her senior prom, and though i've turned down invitations to proms past, this is an offer i couldn't refuse - lexi approaches the formal dance debacle with the same spirit as i, and i feel like we're prom soul mates - i have to go with her), learned how to "bean dip" someone, recieved "el topo" and "ichi the killer" for easter, stayed up til all hours with lexi and clare watching "frisky dingo" and eating white cheddar popcorn and birthday cake ice cream (my diet was invited, but it declined the invitation when it heard the popcorn and ice cream would definitely be there), quoted "frisky dingo" all over the place ("if you don't hand over that ringtone it's going to be talon party...at your face's house!"), restored and reformatted my ipod for vista so i can update on my laptop instead of the beige beast...i accomplished quite a lot of awesomeness.

no school work, of course.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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