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5:39 p.m. x 2008-04-02

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i keep going to update this and then abandoning the entry because i'm flat-out too busy to sit down and write a coherent entry. i am still to busy, but i really need a break. i think i'm going to get gold membership back when i start working, or ask for it for my birthday.

i spoke to my roommate about her boyfriend, and everything's gone well since. she and i have spoken less than ever, but that's perfectly fine. THREE WEEKS, and we'll never have to associate with each other again. and it isn't even that bad, we just don't jive enough to live together. her new roommate, who has passed through here to get bombed a few times, seems a lot more receptive to the perpetual presence of her boyfriend.

i don't mind him as a person one bit, really. in fact, he's an extremely agreeable presence, more so than her. but i don't like the excess presence in the room. one bit. it's not the smallest room, but i just can't imagine what's fun about hanging out in here when you have THE WHOLE CAMPUS teeming with chill-space. it is on the small side, absolutely, but there are lounges everywhere you look, several with no one ever in them, there's a spacious quad, there's THE WHOLE "CITY" that seems COMPLETELY UNPOPULATED after 5 in the afternoon.

my roommate is from camden, but has an unreasonable anxiety about downtown here. that may be an overreaction due to the danger posed by camden, but downtown resembles where i live so much, which i'm so used to, it doesn't bother me at all to walk around. that'd be something to figure out about.

since then, outside of the intense busy-ness, things have been glorious. yesterday my history professor handed me back to assignments with big Bs on them. i wasn't going to come because it was peer edit day and i had been up til four the night prior just sorting out notes, and those were all i had, but he told me i'm the best writer in the class and he wasn't concerned about the state of my draft. awesome!

so that's been a great boost. i'm about to head to the library to forge ahead on the draft front, but before i do that i'd like to mention that i have a last.fm and i've really been enjoying it. when i should be working...

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