no such details will spoil my plan, that is the kind of girl i am

9:33 p.m. x 2008-04-09

currently listening to: "mrs. o" by the dresden dolls

i am thinking up busking concepts for the summer. "busking". i did not know there was a technical term for street performance. "busking". lexi'll be joining me occasionally. i hope to get some beautiful shots of she, kashgar and amanda because i don't have them, and i need them. professional-quality.

i really need to be creative again. to shake off the academic-toxic-shock of this semester. work on aliya's story. work on my lyrics. rest evenly. work evenly. i think i am too wistful about the future. right now: i have fresh cold bottled water in my room for the first time in months and months and am talking to aliya online before i curl up with my film book and study and sleep. i have a test tomorrow. apparently i owned at the presentation yesterday, and now i have a better handle on how to test in that professor's class, so i am going to try with everything i have to get a passable grade on this test.

pass and get out. ONE WEEK LEFT.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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