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9:58 p.m. x 2008-04-08

currently listening to: "ghost boy" by ruby throat

event of a lifetime is in the works - amanda palmer and the boston pops, two nights consecutive in the summer, with my best friends. we'll pack up staples, rent a cheap little space, and have the best little vacation ever. mmmmm. six weeks from now, "no, virginia" comes out. TWO WEEKS UNTIL MY FIRST YEAR OF SLEEPAWAY COLLEGE IS COMPLETE. everything is looking KICK ASSSSSSSSSS.

some things for the summer: practice my keyboard and my russian, go to a class at the Y with kara, workworkwork, boston, new york, hand-holding, sleep, fun, a triumphant return to drawing on a regularish basis and a tender reunion with my mattress. it is extremely rare that i visit on weekends and actually get to sleep in my bed. this summer, ahhhh!

i have some dire creative writing homework to get down to, so i think i'll get that cracking while i shimmy into bed and put on a movie. something that'll bother or offend my roommate if she happens to walk back in. mmmm.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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