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3:39 a.m. x 2008-05-10

currently listening to: "ghosts 34" by nine inch nails

my new cell phone is right over there, charging peacefully. i flashed it at ernie tonight and he emphatically pronounced it to have a bitchin camera, so that's pretty cool. bitchin camera, mp3-playing capabilities. all right. service? battery life? that remains to be seen. as stated, it's charging. i'll let you know.

i was allowed to keep the dead shell of oldboy. but, oh my...when i arrived at the AT&T store and explained its death to the clerk, he shook it around, jarred the back out, gave the battery a hearty rub on his pantleg, popped it back in and my phone was totally fine. but i'd all ready been through the mourning process and felt like it was only going to pull more of those antics anyway. i went through that with my cat. we thought sam was going to die, took him to be put down, but it turned out he just had diabetes. we brought him back from the vet and he pissed defiantly all over the basement for a month. then we had him put down.

just can't relive that experience.

i am now hotly anticipating customizing ringtones to match all my friends, of which i realize (i realize this all the time) i have many. i have many friends i consider very close (interjection, before i forget: "ghosts IV" on "I-IV" is definitely my favorite disc). akasha, alex, aliya, amanda, amber w, amber y, baconhead, catie, clare, duff, ernie, heather, jeremy, jimmy, kara, ken, kyle, lexi, laura, melody, tweak. there's potentially even more than that. but if asked who my friends are, that list would be pretty much it. i'm very proud of that.

the OCD i in all likely suffer from is compelling me to make a list of my favorite films RIGHT NOW: "mulholland drive", "eyes wide shut", "the double life of veronique", "zodiac", "the prestige", "funny games", "the passion of joan of arc", "pandora's box", "rosemary's baby", "the shining" (i must comment on how i am also very proud of how many of my favorite films have been made, not only in my lifetime, but in recent consciousness).

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