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6:15 a.m. x 2008-05-12

currently listening to: "a well respected man" by the kinks

it is 6:15 in the morning (as you can see). i HAVE been to sleep. i was awake for seven hours yesterday, and that was it. prior to that, i slept from around now until 5 in the afternoon, then was awake til around midnight. now i'm awake. if i had coffee i'd be awake for good, but because my mom's clucking around downstairs sick i've foresaken it. if i was alone i'd have coffee. but instead, dland, i have you.

good morning.

yesterday, during my wee waking hours, i watched "the double life of veronique". that is absolutely one of my favorite films, joining the ranks of "mulholland drive" and "eyes wide shut", never to be dislodged from its position. it is one of the most beautiful films i've ever seen, if not the most beautiful. also a definite absolute favorite: "zodiac". i actually labored to choose something else to watch...because i've been in the swing of watching it constantly is a perfect film...AGH.

i think i'm going to turn something else on and curl up here in bed (what a novelty it is to be on the computer in bed...without much of a choice) because it's freezing. i am thinking "the shining". mmmm. sometime today i'm going to guitar center with jimmy and ernie to get a book for my keyboard (and henceforth cash birthday checks) and out with lexi and akasha after that. they will hopefully help me in swinging by the AT&T location nearest me to consult someone about my currently very useless, very expensive cell phone which is either in need of a new SIM card...or a new phone.

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