meine damen und herren, mes dames et messieurs, ladies and gentlemen!

12:47 p.m. x 2008-07-10

currently listening to: "guitar hero" by amanda palmer

i made coffee in my coffeemaker incorrecly. but i now understand my error. and tomorrow, i'm having a yard sale, and continuing to purge my life of negative influences (i'm not referring to old sweaters, necessarily). i watched "no country for old men" and "persepolis" last night and they both blew my mind. i have been feeling queasy a lot before lying down for bed every night (that i've actually gone to bed) lately. i think i need to get outside today, which is what i'm endeavoring to do as soon as i'm done with this entry.

two things i would like to accomplish quite badly: busking and painting my furniture. the former more than the latter, but both quite a bit. i am going to use the money from my yard sale to get a (white) dress i can busk in (so they pancake makeup doesn't look freaky if it smears or becomes one with it in the more-often-than-not oppressive heat). it's happening. you're seeing it. i've been practicing (if you can imagine). as for furniture: i have six hulking white pieces in my fist-sized accomodations. i have white walls. i have white carpeting and predominately white bedding. i've got a large white closet. i think i want to paint this bitch. i would like to keep white as an accent, but i would like to add a considerable amount of dark red. and for christ's sake, i would like new carpeting that doesn't look constantly filthy. dark, badass carpeting. black. like you're stepping into space, my gigantic dresser floating in a vaccuum. that's the ticket.

ugh. i need to escape all this negativity.

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