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2:45 a.m. x 2008-07-21

currently listening to: "why so serious" by hans zimmer & james newton howard

i have seen "the dark knight" twice now, and am going to see it again tomorrow. i am SO HAPPY that i quit stalking the progress of its production when i did, right after the first trailer, more or less. so by the time i'd seen it, i'd forgotten a lot of what i knew would be in the finished film. oh wow. OH WOW.

it is one of the best films i have ever had the privelidge of seeing in a theatre ("kill bill" being the other that sticks out in my mind). i'm currently downloading the soundtrack, which i was very impressed by (i have "why so serious", the first track, but i'm getting weary of how it seagues far too well into "day-o" by harry belafonte every time i play it). christian bale's batman voice continues to make me smile. i was very pleased with aaron eckhart's chin, not to mention how he wielded his other face. and MOTHERFUCKER - there was approximately a single moment, in the entire film, where i saw heath ledger in his character (and that was in the brief flash of him, disguised as a policeman, where he was not wearing his makeup). he rocked THE FUCK out of that performance.

one of the many elements that made me the happiest was the screenplay. i love it. the disappearing pencil trick. the moment between the joker and harvey dent in the hospital bed. alfred's vignette about the thief in burma. "you complete me". i had completely forgotten that the joker was in drag for one scene, so that was a beautiful moment for me. if i could, i would see it in the theatre every day until it came out on glorious glorious dvd. i'm seeing it tomorrow, then sometime in the week with my dad and my brother, and potentially, some other time, with my mom as well. and in imax, within the coming week. hopefully i'll be able to find a good bootleg, because i don't have the money to keep up with this habit.

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