out of the ale house and into the jail house

9:35 p.m. x 2008-08-24

currently listening to: "when i was a young girl" by feist

preface: my dad packed my perfume with my coffee cup. some of my perfume spilled into my coffee cup. i washed it and made tea, but i still feel like i drank perfume. i really hope i don't throw up everywhere. AGAIN (see first week of school last year).

body: i'm back at school, and our room is beautiful. OUR room. mine and melody's. a wee marxist paradise. black shag carpet, velvet curtains, "dark knight" bootleg. check check check. we have two fans and they create enough sound interference that she can listen to her music on her laptop and i can listen to mine on mine and it won't interfere! i went to visit gretchen and we talked about how writing and "the boondock saints" make us feel (productive, ejaculatory - respectively). it was wonderful.

i have a shelf for my books on my desk. i can't get over it. i can't stop looking at it. i have TWO SHELVES. i could use them BOTH for books if i brought that many with me. it's BEAUTIFUL! THIS ROOM IS BEAUTIFUL.

akasha called me "self-actualized" the other day, and i'm trying to apply that to how i handle things. someone i respect and love believes that about me and it gives me incentive to act it. to act above the petty and mildly-upsetting aspects of circumstances. it makes me feel peaceful. i am going to attempt to sustain that sense of myself all semester. at least all semester, if not all year.

i have a wooden photograph of amsterdam's keizersgracht that my mother bought me from bed bath & beyond hanging right beside me. it was fourteen dollars and purchased immediately following my mother lecturing me on extravagances (dvds in particular, criterion dvds explicitly, even though i get more mileage out of all the dvds i own than i do out of any other possession). she saw me holding it and i guessed that it was dutch, because of the architecture, and i flipped it around to see that i was right. she was impressed. she bought it for me. i rolled my eyes, but i am really happy to have it up there, right across from barack obama smiling back at my BOOKSHELF.

(welcome to a lot more regular updates similar to this one.)

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