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10:07 p.m. x 2008-09-14

currently listening to: "monkey gone to heaven" by the pixies

i went to ernie's wedding saturday afternoon. the whole affair lasted from four-ish to eleven-ish, beginning with the ceremony. i stumbled unknowingly into the church, having gotten a ride from my mom because jimmy was in the wedding party and had all ready been there for hours, and after freaking out a little about what i was wearing, was extremely excited/relieved to see some big old lady in zebra print. i proceeded with glee to cry my face into oblivion, pretty much as soon as i stepped into the main room.

i sat with jimmy's family and i heard his dad crying, too, next to me. i didn't look because i didn't want anyone to notice how bad i was crying. immediately. i looked down for what i swear was a split second and then i looked up and there they all were - ernie, mike and jimmy. and i lost it even worse. mackenzie, coming up the aisle, got a little giggly when she saw me, even. the odds are very decent that jimmy's dad and i were the only people bawling at the time, so no wonder. they exchanged vows, there was some very christian banter, and i hoped no one saw the faces i made/can't help making at that sort of nonsense talk. but the kids were happy. i don't believe ernie that he didn't cry. that boy tells lies.

afterwards i endured jimmy's family up the most surreal never ending spiral of backwoods mountainy terrain before flinging myself into the reception. i found jason and we ate bruscietta, drank cider, and gawked at the mansion. we had the reception at a mansion. at a mansion. not in a mansion. vital distinction. the wedding party arrived and we all had to locate our pumpkins. everybody had a wee white gord with a card lodged in it, indicating his/her name and the table where he/she was to be seated. i got anxious, unable to find my pumpkin, and lo, jimmy and i were identified as a single pumpkin, "kari and jimmy". so that's why i couldn't find it. pff.

we and mike sat right next to ernie and mackenzie's table and jimmy told stories about being mistaken for preadolescents. mike congratulated me on changing my major. i routinely stamped up to the DJ table and made witty banter with jason. i requested "king without a crown" and ernie and jimmy danced together, discovered a dance together, potentially - "the rock band".

i was struck down with a barometric pressure headache and my memory is hazy until home and "dancer in the dark". true to selma, i didn't watch the end. fuck the end of that movie. i don't know if i ever want to see it again (i had seen it seperate from the rest of the film last year, AAGH).

today was my mother's birthday, and the second anniversary of the demise of my virginity. now, i need to get going on an annotated bibliography. there is a fair-ish chance i may have amanda over tonight!

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