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3:24 p.m. x 2008-09-22

currently listening to: "the last time i saw richard" by joni mitchell

AS IF BY MAGIC! A TOTALLY NEW LAYOUT. made in something like two minutes. because i've been on this website for the past several days, to very nearly the exclusion of doing much else, and it's breathtaking. i can't stop loving it.

i am revving up dr. hunter s. thompson (my ipod), and as soon as my laundry's ready we're skipping out to the library and finishing this motherfucking short story. just the two of us. my friend from fiction, scott, wants to rendez-vous to edit again, but he didn't listen to me at all last time, and tonight i really want to just work on my own thing and not bother with anyone else. i don't have the patience.

he had the nerve to intimate to me that no one else in the class (which excludes gretchen and, obviously, myself) "understands" my story. son of a bitch. that says far more about you than it does about my fairly cut-and-dry little ten-page work of student fiction. honestly.

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