12:57 p.m. x 2008-11-04

currently listening to: "imagine" by the dresden dolls

it's one in the afternoon, and 1,904,084 people with facebooks have voted right at this second. then 400 more. just with facebooks. countless others. i'm freaking myself out a little bit. i think i might go buy dinner tonight and work on my forensic homework in solitude, get my head out of the election.

i went right down to vote after fiction this morning. at nine thirty, i grabbed an apple from the cafeteria and found my polling station. i went in and they didn't ask me to take my "obama 2004" pin off, which made me very happy (i'd read you're supposed to take things of that nature off before actually voting). i mastered the voter card/touch screen business. i asked some old crab what "incur indebtedness" means and then figured it out on my own when he failed to be of any help. i got free starbucks.

i am very nervous. sick-to-my-stomach nervous. but now, i'm going to work on my homework. nap. i'm glad i don't have cable in the room (not even basic) so i don't even have the possibility of the news bleeting at me. just my own nervous system.

i want change for my country.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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