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3:47 p.m. x 2008-11-07

currently listening to: "baltimore" by janet klein & her parlour boys

on tuesday night my aunt was keeping me updated on the election since i have no cable. i refreshed AOL's election page and saw that virginia went blue and i was just about to call her and then she called me and said "refresh it again!" and obama's electoral votes went from 220-something to 300 and i LOST MY SHIT AND SOBBED/SCREAMED/CHEERED. FUCK YES.

i've been walking around all week feeling wonderful about that. i keep thinking about it and smiling. he really earned it. in the hours preceding the election i read up a little bit on mccain's policies, just in case, and did feel a little more at ease about him, but not about palin. it wouldn't have had that life-or-death feel to it that made me sick if it wasn't for her. she and her completely backwards policies shouldn't have been involved.

but obama won. and i'm ready to see what he can do.

i have another short story due this week, on thursday. so far the professor has been receptive to degrees i've never witnessed when it comes to my work. i didn't even bring anything in yesterday, and he responded positively to what i promised him i was doing (so uncharacteristic it was spooky)! so that's good. i'm hoping to get an A. i think i'll get an A. I KNOW I WILL. THINK POSITIVE. i got a B on the last story, and he didn't even understand it. a good sign.

tonight i'm homeless. they're having "unity week" on the floor and i'm getting momentarily evicted. i was going to go home but guess what? i can't afford it. so instead i'm going to dwell somewhere else tonight. i don't know where. i'll probably bop from location to location. i've got a few ideas. i don't know if/when the two student lounges close. one has great couches.

i can't wait to move into my new room. this is inane. i had no way of knowing what a poor decision this was. i'm finished with this arrangement and this person.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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