and now i'd pay a dime to do what pretty faces want me to

12:15 a.m. x 2008-11-15

currently listening to: "vine street" by van dyke parks

i am enamoured with van dyke parks. i am so bewildered by how now i can't remember how or where i encountered him, via the cover of "song cycle", which is a RIDICULOUS album. i can't stop listening to it, but i would be hard pressed to recommend it to someone else because the things about it that come together for me to really love it might escape somebody else. certain lines are insanely hooky, but no one song, necessarily, and the lyrics are evasive, hinting at what he really means. it's so charming. and he was totally in twin peaks! in episode thirteen! that makes him, regardless of his thing for uncle remus, 100% all right in my book. i wish he and i were friends.

if van dyke parks and i were friends we would take leisurely walks and stop when we see something interesting. we would maybe start a book club. we would dance. i would introduce him to exotic dishes and he would regale me with stories. i would probably do even more regaling than he would, even though i have less to regale him with, in theory. he'd yammer about the stuff he's obsessed with and i'd yammer back, and we'd go around and around like that and at the end of the day we'd part ways and we'd be so tight we wouldn't even have to make plans, cause we'd end up right back like that within days.

not such a bad idea. i'm going to pitch it to him if we ever meet.

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