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8:46 p.m. x 2008-12-10

currently listening to: "l. wells" by franz ferdinand

i am one of those assholes that has a real thing with fancy coffee drinks, and it's likely when i say i need to go get coffee it means i'm going to order some really elaborate mocha or latte. but the coffee at the school cafe is so good it really blows those things away. i need to devote more attention to it. it will cost me a lot less, and it's so good. i am really used to atrocious coffee, which i drink anyway because i am very reliant on caffeine. i didn't have any this morning and i paid for it. i've had to walk over and buy two cups since five because i've been a shambly mess all day and keep falling asleep.


kelly pulled me away from writing this and i left the window up, and she and gretchen and our old neighbor steph had a going away party for gretchen and it was incredible! GRETCHEN AND KELLY AND I ARE GETTING AN APARTMENT TOGETHER NEXT YEAR! GRETCHEN'S DECIDED NOT TO BE AN RA! I'M SO HAPPY!!! i'm going to miss her so much while she's in london this coming semester, but she'll have a beautiful time, and i can't wait to hear about it when she gets back.

i had two cups of coffee and beer and i still have a small paper ahead of me. most of my impairment is from excitement, but those factors certainly don't help my cause.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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