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9:39 p.m. x 2008-12-11

currently listening to: "le tourbillon" by jeanne moreau

I HAVE TWO As. i probably also have two Cs, stranding my GPA in mediocrity forever. but that isn't my biggest concern. i am VERY VERY proud of myself for those As in fiction and forensic. i'm intrigued to see how my performance on the final and my paper in chaucer affect my grade. i have no idea how i've been doing in astronomy all this time, but the class was miserable. that's the final i have tomorrow, which i should be studying for. instead i'm christmas shopping on modcloth and amazon.

i'm excited into oblivion about the creative essay next semester, and modern and contemporary fiction. i think romantic lit will be a good experience, and that professor comes very highly recommended by gretchen, who is her assisstant. math will be scary, but according to liz's boyfriend the tests are indefinitely retakable, so i can take any as many times as i need to pass them, which is amazing. i will need to exploit that.

my mom was concerned that this was going to be a really dismal christmas, but i am amazed by what i'm able to get. i would really, though, more than anything, like a job. so i can buy things myself. especially things like "salo" and the essential kierkegaard, so that i can save things like a new winter coat and victorian bustle skirt for christmas.

next year.

i'm very fortunate that i was able to afford coffee almost all semester, thus making it possible for me to go to class and get, not only passing grades, but good grades! i can't believe i got two As!

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