9:43 p.m. x 2009-01-12

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i felt weird today, all day. it started off great. i woke up right on time and dressed to my JAM ("for our elegant caste" by of montreal). i got coffee and enjoyed my first math class. then, all right - are you familiar with twitter? i have a twitter, but it's barely a blip on the barely-a-site-itself. i updated once, after creating it at kara's behest. so not only was there one, very opaque twit (i wrote "entry" but that doesn't seem right), the name i used i've used for two other miscellaneous website accounts (wordpress, which i still haven't gotten off the ground, and essentially on, though the name there is preceded by a "the"), neither of which, to the best of my knowledge, melody would know about. my picture was nowhere. no personal information. NOTHING (looking at the site more closely, it seems you can search people by email, but...ew, jesus, why?).

but she found me, and "followed me", and made e-banter about my second, less ambiguous update about gretchen giving me her fridge for the semester, which i wrote yesterday upon remembering that i had that twitter at all. so her gesture of solidarity really screwed my mood up and made badminton even less pleasant. i can all ready tell that class would be a joy if it weren't for this situation. one of my friendly acquaintances from last year is in the class and was genuinely concerned with how i shucked to the back of the room, and i talked to her about it.

jeremy was signed up for romantic lit, but he was not in class, and so my mood was alleviated majorly. that looks like it's going to be a lot of fun for a lit class.

i'll get over this stuff. i'll get passed it. i just made a giant posterboard moustache and mounted it in my room. it's majesty overwhelms me. i have a bookshelf and five thick blankets, two new notebooks, seventeen-and-a-half movies in french, ten in swedish, seven in german, six in japanese, six in italian, three in spanish, one-and-a-half in polish, one in serbo-croatian, and one, namely "the blair witch project", streaming to me over the internet as we speak.

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