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5:58 p.m. x 2009-01-24

currently listening to: "where do you go to (my lovely)" by peter sarstedt

i am still in blinking-disbelief about how excellent yesterday was. i went to romantic lit, thinking i would have class, but class had been called off without an email or anything. on my way out of the building, i ran into the boy who invited me onto the lit review staff, bryan, who is also in the class. i told him it was canceled, and he beseeched we locate tom, who is our mutual friend who was also in my workshop last semester, since tom commutes and would be confused and hurt to have come all the way out here for no class. when we tracked tom down, the three of us had an impromptu meeting about the literary journal since we make up the whole fiction half. then bryan asked tom if he could borrow something which was back at tom's house, and tom invited us over!

you must understand that tom's place in the stuff of legend. he and his brother constructed it themselves, and it is one of the nicest places i've ever been. it completely fits tom's personality, which he classifies as "lonely mountain man". we hung out for fourish hours just talking in tom's breathtakingly badass dining room and i had some very impressive earl grey. it was so great to relax and talk to two very smart people who shared my interests and petty grievances. i hope we do that again before they graduate. i really needed that.

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