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8:29 p.m. x 2009-01-25

currently listening to: "portlandtown" by a hawk & a hacksaw

drying my laundry was free today! somebody mixed up which dryer they put their laundry in and paid the wrong one for an hour! how beautiful!

so i now have a dollar-fifty with which to get a coffee at wegmans during the week. this is significant because wegmans flavored coffee is cheap and remarkable and a nice treat when one has, as i have, next to no money.

i sent a mass facebook alert to everyone on the college's network with "creative writing" listed as their major calling for submissions to the literary journal, which is a sketchy way to approach things but so far i've had two people reply enthusiastically. while writing it i had a flashback to one time in high school when i had to send a mass email to the faculty about an art club meeting. it was supposed to be my duty as the club secretary to inform the teachers which students were at the meeting, and something about my email was so "wrong" that i got into huge trouble and was barred from emailing on the school server again. i am afraid the other people on the staff will think that was an unprofessional tactic, but there's eighty-eight pages to fill and six submissions and the due date is saturday at midnight...

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