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3:42 p.m. x 2009-01-29

currently listening to: "on a bayonet" by beirut

i have an internship! it's only for this semester, being that the college doesn't have the budget to keep that particular professor on the faculty after this year, and it probably won't be paid, but it sounds like it will be fun! so i'll be doing that and this coming week getting the student literary journal together! badassssss!

there is a meeting tonight for the campus newspaper as well. i'm going to peek in at that and see how that looks. that sort of thing i'm leery about, but it could turn out to be a positive thing.

beirut's new album is so beautiful. every time he/they put out music it becomes my favorite music. it doesn't even have to win its way into my heart. it's all ready there. a big beirut-shaped hole ready to be filled (THE BEGINNING STRAINS OF "THE AKARA", SHIIIIITTTT! so cinematic!).

i've been in a weird place all this week, but i've reached catharsis and am feeling significantly more calm today. a tightly-regimented "twin peaks"-watching schedule and going to bed at seven did some great things. incredibly positive feedback from writing professor was appreciated (understatment), to the lighthouse is finally over with in modern & contemporary lit (i really enjoyed heart of darkness but no one else did, everyone else loved to the lighthouse except me, now we're reading the sun also rises, which so far i'm really liking and somebody's all ready bitching about - rrgh! there's only five people in that class! and i'm the only one who talks! what a weird dynamic). i had no idea drew & natalie dee had a baby (with the absolutely incredible name nona). so much good in the world.

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