an eye for an eye, a spy for a spy

8:32 p.m. x 2009-02-01

currently listening to: "telegram sam" by bauhaus

1. i am formulating a speech to deliver to the school psychologist when i see him next, about how i feel about things and exactly what i want to talk about and what i do NOT want to talk about with him. i suffered a pretty humiliating low-point but i am stronger for it. i know what i can do to make myself feel better and more secure. i am doing those things and handling it my own way. i will not be made to feel bad for that.

2. i think i have really made a real friend.

3. i am repairing broken karma. i reached out to melody. we're going to talk. it's necessary. there are signs popping up in both our lives, in important and mundane ways, that are informing us both explicitly of our mistakes and how they need settled. this is right. i am ready.

4. i read the fiction submissions for the literary journal and they're all good! luckily they don't need to be judged as sharply as poetry, because there aren't as many, and as many as should go in the journal are there.

5. i love zoe boekbinder's EP "shoestrings" so intensely. she is one half of vermillion lies. the EP is six songs long, and it's complete perfection. seek it out (particularly "typewriter girl" and "december").

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