february was colder still, i lost you in the middle

11:47 p.m. x 2009-02-25

currently listening to: "free at last" by antony & the johnsons

there's a girl i met named gina. i met her through my new friend bryan, whom i've mentioned by name in here approximately twice and not-by-name awfully frequently. he's introduced me to a number of his close friends, all of whom have been curteous to me and some of whom seem to genuinely like me. gina seemed really leary and not open to meeting someone. one night as i was hanging out with bryan she came over and was very hostile. i was concerned that she didn't like me and asked bryan after she left, and he positively and sincerely poured his heart out to me about her, in a way that i'm enduringly moved by. he described all the things she's gone through recently and in the past that he's seen her tough through. so today i was alone with her at dinner and she began talking to me, and i wouldn't call it spilling but explored, in a significant but restrained way, possibilities for her future that scared her but that she was realizing were possible. she was wonderful to talk to. i'm glad she talked to me.

i'm glad i'm having the semester i'm having even though it is incredibly hard. it is and it isn't. i talked to my writing professor this morning and he was marvellously empathetic, interested in what i have going on, and very very encouraging. it was nice to hear someone else affirm that my trouble with people is a genetic predisposition. he told me i have his respect as a writer, and that i am one of the most talented, interesting people ever to be in the program. i know he has my back, and i'm very grateful.

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