how to lose friends and alienate people

10:50 p.m. x 2009-03-02

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two of my very best friends haven't spoken to me genuinely in months. i did something that set them both off, but they didn't tell me. they did not respond to my calls. when i saw them they acted like nothing was wrong, but then wouldn't speak to me. now i have asked them about it and they said they had problems with me. they're very nonchalant about it. i was very hurt. i was very hurt that when i was having such a vividly difficult time i was being shirked aside and did not know why. i thought they needed time away from me. i told them we can have a seperation if that's what they want but they turned around and said i was overreacting.

i still don't know what i did. i know i haven't had two of my best friends around for three months, as i've needed them very badly. if it was something i did, i can control and manage that. i think dragging something assuredly small over such a long time when i clearly have been banging down their doors for them to talk to me, clearly not ever having intended to offend them, that to me sounds like overreacting.


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