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11:09 p.m. x 2009-03-26

currently listening to: "pretty faces" by nicki jaine

1) LITTLE EDIE. i can't stop watching "grey gardens". i could watch edie wax eloquently and dance like a bunuellian robot all day. all day.

2) opposed to what i've been doing all day, which is working without a moment's rest. i talked to a new friend today, shelby. she's incredible, and lives downtown from me! that was marvelous. then i went to a business etiquette dinner with immaculate peanut butter sauce and ice cream. mmmmmm.

3) then i went to a poetry reading and met a bookshop owner who, while we were waiting to get in, read my story in the student literary journal (my friend had a copy). he was so enthusiastic about it, he heaped praise upon me and, as soon as the reading was over, leapt beside me, handed me four dollars and asked me to buy him a copy and sign it! i'm amazed!

4) tomorrow i'm going to walk over there and give him his copy, and then in the evening i'm attending a networking event at a hotel, where i'll be able to talk to alumni currently working in the publishing industry! beautiful!

5) and then go home. so i can watch a movie with jimmy and cthulhu, see duff, watch "united states of tara", see jimmy play and talk to my mom.

so glad that amidst all this fury of work, brilliant things are happening!

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