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1:01 a.m. x 2009-03-29

currently listening to: "cabaret" by louis armstrong

purchased today, finally, the adventures of kavalier and clay that i was half snobbishly eluding and half really wanting to read but have not had the money. it won. i'm enjoying it immensely and the investment was wise.

i'm having an uneasy time understanding that the next stage of events after this one is summer, and i'll be home again. i know it but i'm very consciously rebelling, even though i know it'll be better than last summer? do i know that? why do i even think that?

i saw the room i'll be living in next year, back on the old third floor of the carpeted, quiet, wood-and-detergent-smell of the very well-kept girls' dorm. it's tiny but in a cozy way. my impending-roommate is a girl i know, we have a mutual like and respect of one another. she's an art/psych major, which is beautiful. she's excited to decorate with me! our room will be brimming with LIFE! we talked about the furniture (for as nice as that dorm is it is weirdly lacking in the ammenities of the shittier dorms) and sides. i am all about being on the side with the bathroom, frankly. awesome. it's got the same view as my present room, which is a view i'm attached to. i'm excited. i know (TOO WELL) how solitary i am - not can be, am - and i am fortunate to have the expanse of alone-time i've been gifted. i do like people, though, and mary's a good person. with a great name.

i'd better get a job soon. OR ELSE. honestly.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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